Amara Therapeutics Runner-up Finalists in EIT Health Catapult

Amara Therapeutics were encouraged as on of the runner-up finalists in this years EIT Health Catapult. Health Catapult is a unique competition and training programme which showcases biotech, medtech and digital health start-ups to leading experts and investors across Europe.

FeelTect health and Amara Therapeutics were runners up to Luminate Med, SolasCure and Bright Lobe. SolasCure were crowned the untimate winners in the final. The Catapult competition looks to boost the development of European health start-ups by exposing them to world-class experts and investors.

Now in its seventh year, the Catapult competition has already supported 231 start-ups with over 400 actively involved investors and 2500 healthcare professionals committed to the programme’s success. Catapult is part of the vast portfolio of programmes EIT Health runs to raise a new generation of companies into a position where they can deliver solutions that can improve the lives of patients and citizens in Europe.

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